Do I have PTSD?

PTSD comes about after a single traumatic event or prolonged exposure to a traumatic environment. You can end up with PTSD even if the traumatic event didn’t happen to you and you…

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Treating mental health in the elderly

Seniors and Mental Health

Sometimes mental health in the elderly can be overlooked. Their spouse died. They haven’t been able to see family during the pandemic, and not being as tech-savvy as the younger generations, it’s…

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Marriage counseling with Cornerstone

Your Spouse

Your spouse. You married him or her with the expectation that your relationship would last forever. You would get through anything. You would grow old together. But, did you and your spouse…

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Anxiety is sneaky

Anxiety is Sneaky

Anxiety is sneaky – you have normal anxiety which prompts you to make sure the coffee pot is off, and the door is locked. Then you have anxiety that crosses the line…

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you matter, mental health

You Matter

Sense-making is a vital skill that enables us to rationalize the world we live in, and what we are experiencing means. Sometimes that skill can become obscured when we are in the…

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mental health

We Can Help

We are in a time in history where many things in our daily life are not things previous generations had to deal with. Social media and the internet are new and cause…

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Meet Reggie Westhoff

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and Cornerstone is here to help. Many problems can be relieved through traditional therapy but sometimes that isn’t enough. Cornerstone has Reggie…

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Cornerstone's mental health blog will cover tips for communication and maintaining your mental health. We care about you and your mental health. If you need professional help, contact us to get your foot set on the path to mental health.