Your Gift Matters

You love this community.  And you love that it is growing.

All around us, people are growing their businesses, their schools, their families, themselves.  Their collective energy, resilience and HOPE are making this community stronger, safer, happier.

Sadly, not everyone is growing.  Some people are being left out.

Maybe you know some of them?  Maybe your neighbor is so tired, so depressed that she can barely get up in the morning. Maybe you are related to someone who has been rejected and put down so many times that he has just stopped trying. Or maybe you have seen a child whose family is in so much turmoil, she is no longer safe in her own home. These are people who have the ability to grow and participate in building our community.  But they lack the energy, resilience, and HOPE to do so.

You believe everyone matters.  But what can you possibly do to help?

You want everyone to have the opportunity to grow.  You know we need them to participate. But their issues are so complicated and so personal.  How can you possibly make a difference?

You CAN help. We can grow together.

There are many ways to give to Cornerstone. Please consider making a donation today or you can join the YOU MATTER Club.