Communication tips for couples

Six Communication Tips for Couples

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, in all aspects of life, communication is key! Especially in romantic partnerships, so many emotions are tangled up in your communication – it’s…

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Counseling from Cornerstone

Blame the Cave People

Why are mental health issues so common today? Well, it is possible that today we are better at identifying mental health illnesses, but it could also be true that what we consider…

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Mental health resolutions

Mental Health Resolutions

Well, here it comes, another New Year. Three cheers for auld lang syne, time for the resolutions! The message today is about making realistic resolutions that improve your mental health. The worst…

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Holidays and mental health

The Holidays and Mental Health

For most people, the Holiday season is a time for celebration. Spending time with family, twinkling lights, wonderful meals. They look forward to the Season all year and take joy from every…

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YArn Work for mental health

Yarn Work for Mental Health

Cozy season is upon us, and my cozy hobby is crocheting. You may wonder how this relates to a blog on Cornerstone? Turns out, knitting and crochet are clinically proven to help…

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Hope for preventing suicide

Don’t Give Up On You

I read a post on Reddit last night about a person who had the day of their suicide planned. The day arrived, they attended their college classes, completed a few other tasks,…

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Couples counseling

Couples Counseling

Imagine you and your partner are sitting facing each other across a small table. The table is completely clean with no clutter or objects, you can reach across and touch hands, you…

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mental health and social media

Mental Health and Social Media

This blog may not be about what you think it’s about. Maybe you think we are going to chat about how the bodies and lives on social media are fake and not…

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Self Care

Self Care

Self care is very important. It’s way more than a buzzword. You have to keep your emotional and mental bucket full so that you can pour it out for your kids, your…

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women and ADHD

Women, Girls and ADHD

ADHD is often overlooked in women and girls. Traditionally thought to be a male issue, females would get a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression because they typically don’t present with hyperactivity. But…

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Cornerstone's mental health blog will cover tips for communication and maintaining your mental health. We care about you and your mental health. If you need professional help, contact us to get your foot set on the path to mental health.