Your spouse. You married him or her with the expectation that your relationship would last forever. You would get through anything. You would grow old together. But, did you and your spouse make a plan for how that would happen? Did you talk about how you would navigate rough waters together? Parent together? Argue with each other?

One of the hardest things you will do in your life is be married, and stay married. What does it take to have a successful marriage? In a word: communication. If you didn’t learn good communication skills in your childhood – we can help you learn them now. Being able to express yourself with honesty and respect can change your life.

Contact us here at Cornerstone, where we can provide you and your spouse relationship counseling. Even if you are not having problems, we can do preventative maintenance to ensure you stay on the right path – together. If you are having problems – we can help you figure out how to communicate your feelings to each other and what you need from your spouse. Learning this skill can set you up for a shared room in the nursing home. Remember, you matter.