Cornerstone Services

Because… you matter

From time to time, we all struggle. Events can happen that turn our lives upside down … the trauma of a divorce, changing jobs, the death of a spouse, losing a job, communicating with children … any number of things can make your life feel miserable and out of control.

At Cornerstone, we listen to you. And then we help you find a way through that struggle, a way to peace of mind and the happiness you deserve.

At Cornerstone, help is effective, affordable, and confidential.

All because “You Matter.”

We are highly trained, compassionate professionals who are ready to help you.

Why We Do What We Do

Senior Counseling Services - Quincy IL

Our counselors help people of all ages, from all walks of life. At Cornerstone, you will find a calm, safe place where you can talk things over, think things through, and get the support you need to make the changes you want to make.

Assistance for First Time Mothers - Quincy IL

Cornerstone provides supportive services to specific groups of people: first time mothers, children having problems in school, children at risk with the juvenile justice system, families of adopted children, relative caregivers who need to obtain legal guardianship of children, to name a few.

Family Counseling - Quincy IL

Who We Help

No matter who you are, no matter what your place in life, Cornerstone helps individuals, families, couples, and children.  Because, from time to time, we all struggle in our lives.  Events can happen that create havoc … the trauma of a divorce, losing a job, the death of a spouse,  communicating with children, changing jobs … any number of things can occur that can make your life feel miserable and out of control.

Teen Counseling - Quincy IL

How We Help

First, we listen to you.  We help you identify what you want to change or improve.  One of our counselors, caseworkers, or our psychiatric nurse practitioner is here to help you find a solution and learn the skills you may need to cope with your life’s challenges.  We know you want results, and we know that great things happen to people who believe in themselves.  We’re here to help you reach your goals and be better!

Couples Counseling - Quincy IL

Why We Help

Cornerstone is here to help because we believe you have the right to be happy.  And we believe that when you feel happy, you do better at school, at home, at work, in life!  And when you do better, we all do better!  It’s about building a safe, happy, productive community. Contact us at 217-222-8254 to schedule an appointment.