Imagine you and your partner are sitting facing each other across a small table. The table is completely clean with no clutter or objects, you can reach across and touch hands, you can laugh and talk without distraction from any junk that might be between you.


Now imagine that table is piled up with dirty dishes, tall bottles, random silverware and spills. Random bugs buzz around the mess. You can’t touch hands, you are too distracted to have a good conversation, you are not enjoying your time at the table. 


Your relationship is the table. The objects on the table are unresolved issues between you.


The key is to keep the table clean.


If your relationship is new, your job is to decide if you and your partner can keep the table clean, or if you need help. Help comes in the form of couples counseling that will teach you the foundations of a good relationship – communication and conflict resolution. 


If your table is already piled with years of unresolved issues – you need help not only with the foundations but with clearing the table. 


Cornerstone provides couples counseling and would love to help you. Remember, you and your partner, and your table, matter.