Sense-making is a vital skill that enables us to rationalize the world we live in, and what we are experiencing means. Sometimes that skill can become obscured when we are in the midst of an emotional crisis or a bad situation in our personal or professional lives. It’s hard to know at times what is the truth, what is an appropriate reaction, where the boundary should be. Being in this state is stressful and can cause great anxiety. No one wants to over react and make a mistake that could cost them greatly, but we also don’t want to under react and see the quality of our professional or personal life continue to degrade because of it. Maybe the issue is how you are perceiving the situation, or maybe the trouble lies outside you. The counselors at Cornerstone can help you take the tangled mess you are having trouble with and help you unravel it. Help you make sense of the insensible. Don’t keep spinning your wheels in situations like this – reach out for help and gain peace. Remember, you matter.