At-Risk Programs

Cornerstone offers support services for a wide range of families needing assistance. Those families include first time mothers and fathers, families with adopted children, children having problems in school, and children at risk with the juvenile justice system. These services are funded by the State of Illinois, by grants from foundations and organization, as well as donations from individuals in the community. Many of these services are provided at little or no cost to the client, but certain eligibility factors must be met to receive services. 

Our dedicated and caring staff work tirelessly to deliver the services that Cornerstone has been known for since we opened our doors in 1947. 


Comprehensive Youth Services provides mental health counseling to at-risk-youth who have social, emotional and/or behavioral problems that hinder their success in school, at home, and in the community. We have partnered closely with area schools for over 37 years to meet the needs of the children and their families.


First Steps, our Healthy Families Illinois accredited child abuse prevention program, is dedicated to promoting positive parenting skills, provides information about child health and development to young mothers and fathers in Adams County who are at risk for challenges in parenting, including child abuse and neglect.


Adoption Preservation provides support from professionals who understand the dynamics of a family who have adopted. With extensive training in trauma and attachment we provide educational and support groups, community, and agency resources as well as up to two years of services at no cost.


Cornerstone is about you, about community, and about our clients…

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