Blame the Cave People

Counseling from Cornerstone

Why are mental health issues so common today? Well, it is possible that today we are better at identifying mental health illnesses, but it could also be true that what we consider mental illness today might not have been so in previous centuries. Let’s talk about some of today’s commonly diagnosed mental health issues and…

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Mental Health Resolutions

Mental health resolutions

Well, here it comes, another New Year. Three cheers for auld lang syne, time for the resolutions! The message today is about making realistic resolutions that improve your mental health. The worst thing you can do is make unachievable goals that only make your mental health worse when you inevitably fail. Make small goals that…

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The Holidays and Mental Health

Holidays and mental health

For most people, the Holiday season is a time for celebration. Spending time with family, twinkling lights, wonderful meals. They look forward to the Season all year and take joy from every party, gift exchange, and holiday song. For others, the Holiday season is not so joyful. It can be for a variety of reasons,…

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