Yarn Work for Mental Health

Yarn Work for Mental Health

Cozy season is upon us, and my cozy hobby is crocheting. You may wonder how this relates to a blog on Cornerstone? Turns out, knitting and crochet are clinically proven to help relieve anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and to help with eating disorders. Yarn work affects us deeply, maybe tapping into the primal needs of…

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Don’t Give Up On You

Suicide Prevention

I read a post on Reddit last night about a person who had the day of their suicide planned. The day arrived, they attended their college classes, completed a few other tasks, and went to a restaurant for a bowl of ramen – their last meal.    When presented with the bowl of ramen, they…

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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling

Imagine you and your partner are sitting facing each other across a small table. The table is completely clean with no clutter or objects, you can reach across and touch hands, you can laugh and talk without distraction from any junk that might be between you.   Now imagine that table is piled up with…

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Mental Health and Social Media

social meda, mental health

This blog may not be about what you think it’s about. Maybe you think we are going to chat about how the bodies and lives on social media are fake and not to be compared to your actual, unfiltered existence. Nope. This blog is about the social media influencers who shine a light on the…

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Self Care

self care, mental health

Self care is very important. It’s way more than a buzzword. You have to keep your emotional and mental bucket full so that you can pour it out for your kids, your spouse or other people you love. In the body, the heart pumps blood to itself first – why? If it doesn’t, it can’t…

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Females and ADHD

ADHD, women, women with ADHD

ADHD is often overlooked in women and girls. Traditionally thought to be a male issue, females would get a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression because they typically don’t present with hyperactivity. But times have changed and the ADHD diagnosis has gotten more nuanced. Now there are three types: the hyperactive disorder we know, inattentive, and…

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Do I have PTSD?


PTSD comes about after a single traumatic event or prolonged exposure to a traumatic environment. You can end up with PTSD even if the traumatic event didn’t happen to you and you just witnessed it. Some common examples of a single traumatic event are car accidents, rape, childbirth, or seeing another person being traumatized. Prolonged…

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Seniors and Mental Health

seniors and mental health, mental health

Sometimes mental health in the elderly can be overlooked. Their spouse died. They haven’t been able to see family during the pandemic, and not being as techno savvy as the younger generations, it’s been harder to keep in touch. They are aging and can’t do what they used to be able to do – of…

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Your Spouse

couples counseling, marriage counseling

Your spouse. You married him or her with the expectation that your relationship would last forever. You would get through anything. You would grow old together. But, did you and your spouse make a plan for how that would happen? Did you talk about how you would navigate rough waters together? Parent together? Argue with…

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Anxiety is Sneaky

anxiety, help for anxiety

Anxiety is sneaky – you have normal anxiety which prompts you to make sure the coffee pot is off, and the door is locked. Then you have anxiety that crosses the line from normal to abnormal, where you have constant racing thoughts about everything that could possibly go wrong in every aspect of your life.…

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