For most people, the Holiday season is a time for celebration. Spending time with family, twinkling lights, wonderful meals. They look forward to the Season all year and take joy from every party, gift exchange, and holiday song.

For others, the Holiday season is not so joyful. It can be for a variety of reasons, but the claustrophobic feeling of it being everywhere, no escape, can be absolutely overwhelming. The stress of performance, cooking the perfect meal, wrapping the perfect gifts, be “on” for every get-together, can trigger anxiety. And for those with no loved ones to surround them for the season, the loneliness can trigger depression.

Self-care is really important this time of year. Listen to your inner voice. If you know you are pushing yourself too hard – take a break. Take a weekend. If you hear nothing but emptiness in both your home and your heart – find a way to fill the season with something that makes you happy. Maybe volunteering at a kitchen to feed holiday meals to seniors or the homeless. Head to the animal shelter and walk a lonely dog. There are others out there suffering loneliness.

If you need help getting through this season of not only overwhelming holiday cheer but also sunset at 5:00 PM, the cold, the strange times we are living in – give us a call here at Cornerstone. Not to be cheesy, but time with us is a gift you can give yourself that pays you back every day of your life. You matter.