We are in a time in history where many things in our daily life are not things previous generations had to deal with. Social media and the internet are new and cause a great amount of stress for every age level using it. Online bullying, low self esteem, or a feeling of disconnectedness could be hurting your child, or you. The stresses of the political cycle, the news cycles with their never ending crises, the constant pressure to be perfect like the people we see on the internet – it can become overwhelming and affect our mental health. 

Having someone to talk to, to help you make sense of the information overload that comes along with the world we live in now, and how it relates to you can be a tool to help navigate these new waters. It can help you parent your child and look for the signs of problems. We can help you set healthy boundaries for yourself and your child. Instead of becoming isolated and alone, reach out for the help Cornerstone can provide. If you feel like modern day pressures are causing problems in your everyday life, or the life of your child, call us. Remember, you matter.