Raise Your Hand to Help Children in School


Since 1983, children who are struggling in school have received counseling and casework services from Cornerstone through our Comprehensive Youth Services Program.  Counselors and Caseworkers visit students in the schools, work with teachers, and meet with families to unlock the grit, curiosity, and resilience the students need to succeed.  As a result, students are staying in school and excelling in life.

This program is made possible by people in the community who “raise their hands” to help.  Their donations provides scholarships for children and their families to receive the help they need. A gift of $250 provides support to one student for an entire school year.  And can make a difference for a lifetime.

Here are some examples of how people like you have helped children succeed in school.


A lifetime of surgeries and medical procedures had left a young teen homebound, isolated and depressed.  At Cornerstone, she met a group of caring people who helped her discover her grit.  She learned how to effectively deal with all the anxiety surrounding the medical challenges.  She learned how to advocate for herself and how to find the help and resources that she needed. This young woman returned to high school and joined her class at Flinn Stadium for graduation.  That’s grit.


A  young teen girl was struggling.  Her grades were dropping and she was going to be expelled from school if she acted out one more time.  Over the summer, her caseworker from Cornerstone introduced her to some new art activities.  As she explored these new interests, she discovered that she was meticulous and careful.  And then she applied these characteristics to her school work.  Now she is on the honor roll.  Her curiosity led to a new attitude.


A referral came to us for a young boy who was experiencing incredible loss.   When his mother was jailed on drug charges, he and his younger sister were separated and he was sent to live with relatives who were not interested in or capable of giving him the support he needed.  He found that support at Cornerstone.  He realized that he could cope with these circumstances.  And that he would not have to give up on his dream of graduation, college, and a career that would make it possible for him to take care of his sister.  Resilience is helping him realize this dream.

If you would like to help, raise your hand and contact Cornerstone today.  You can call 217 222 8254 to get more information.  You can donate online by clicking here.  Or you can mail a check to Cornerstone at 915 Vermont in Quincy, IL 62301.  Just be sure to let us know that you are “raising your hand” to help.  Thank you!