Counseling Pays Off

“ I will forever be thankful for the ladies at Cornerstone. Without Lindsey, Reggie, and Missy, I wouldn't be the person I am today!” Elizabeth Wolf

“ I will forever be thankful for the ladies at Cornerstone. Without Lindsey, Reggie, and Missy, I wouldn’t be the person I am today!”

Elizabeth Wolf

Many people can be successful in their jobs and in many aspects of their life, and yet have something happening that is getting in the way of feeling good and being happy. Counseling can help. At Cornerstone, we help people of all ages and walks of life find a calm, safe place where they can talk things over, think things through, and get the support they need to make the changes they want to make.

Elizabeth Wolf is a successful teacher in the Quincy Public School system. She loves her work with Special Ed kids and is really good at it. About a year and a half ago though she found herself struggling with a gambling addiction, which was part of a larger mood disorder. Because her issues were affecting her finances as well as her relationships, Elizabeth decided to take control, and get things turned around. “My advice would be to get help immediately. It does get better!! You just need to find the right supports. I always thought that I could handle my problems on my own, which resulted in me being miserable and not wanting to do everyday things. I have always been a relatively happy person. I love to make people smile. But when I was faced with many issues, I couldn’t even make myself happy. I would wake up and not know how my day was going to go, whether or not I was going to be able to control my mood and basically just live my life.” After trying a larger clinic that wasn’t working out, Elizabeth came to Cornerstone.

Elizabeth started working with Lindsey Wood, MS, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT) employed at Cornerstone since 2009. A friend had told her great things about Lindsey. “I was very surprised at how quickly I was able to get help. I did not have to wait months to see Lindsey like other places I have been to in the past. If I felt that I was in a situation that I could not handle on my own, Lindsey would be there to talk to me and to figure out a plan.”

Together they went to work on Elizabeth’s challenges, using a clinical best-practice championed in Quincy by Cornerstone years ago. Known as Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed, this approach empowers clients to determine treatment goals, and enables them and their counselor to monitor progress towards these goals at each session. This helps our clients achieve their own highest priority goals most efficiently.

Sometimes talking to someone is just not enough though. Cornerstone’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Reggie Westhoff is on staff right down the hall, and provided the further evaluation and medication management they all agreed would benefit Elizabeth. Medication is helping Elizabeth regulate her moods and stop her addiction. Collaboration between medical and counseling staff is smooth here at Cornerstone because of the boutique nature of our practice.

Elizabeth is doing great now! To keep herself accountable for meeting the goals she has set for herself, she will continue working with Lindsey, at appropriate intervals. “At first, I didn’t really care about goals. I wanted instant results, which it doesn’t work that way. Together, Lindsey and I created a list of goals that I really wanted to work on to be the person I wanted to be. We would review these goals and track my progress. The best feeling in the world is looking back at those goals and being able to say that you did it. Even though it seems like it has been forever, I look at where I started and where I am now, and it was all worth it. I will forever be thankful for the ladies at Cornerstone.”

Congratulations and thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her experience with others who may be wondering how to handle something that is getting in the way of living the life they want to live. Call Cornerstone to see how we can support you.

we GROW together

So many people are growing things!  Growing their businesses, their careers, growing their families, growing themselves.  All this growing makes our community stronger, healthier, happier. How are you growing?  What are you growing?

Let’s celebrate all this growing on Facebook.  Post a picture of you and whatever it is that you are growing with the hashtags #wegrowtogther #cornerstone
And then tag your friends so they will post a picture of themselves.

Join all your neighbors in helping our community grow!

grow hori l

Artists Raise Their Hands to Help

IMG_2167The Great River Artisans believe in giving back to their community. This group of area artists decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from their 2014 Holiday Show and Sale to the Comprehensive Youth Services Program at Cornerstone.  Their commitment to sponsor one child grew as their family members, employers, and friends made donations.   On November 1, they presented John Hirner with $1610.00 and another donation was made today by someone who attended the show, bringing the total to $1860.00.  That’s enough to provide at least seven students with counseling and casework services during the school year.

Cornerstone’s Executive Director, John W. Hirner, expressed his gratitude to the artists and the importance of people joining together to help children right here in our community. “We are honored to join hands with the wonderfully creative and talented members of Great River Artisans to help children succeed.”

John is pictured here with Ann Miller Titus, who is a member of the art group and also a Board Member at Cornerstone.  John is holding a fiber art piece done by Great River Artisan Suzette Krummel.  This artwork was donated to Cornerstone several years ago and it perfectly conveys how we are all important pieces in making our communities stronger, healthier and happier.  The artwork hangs in Cornerstone’s reception area.

Cornerstone is very grateful to the Great River Artisans for their caring and generous gift. Thank you for “Raising Your Hands!”

Great River Artisans are Raising Their Hands!

The Great River Artisans will be “raising their hands” to help area children stay in school and succeed in school. This group of area artists will use a portion of their proceeds from their Holiday Show and Sale to provide a scholarship for Cornerstone’s Comprehensive Youth Services program.  This program provides counseling and casework services to children who are struggling in school and to their families.

Glass jewelry artist Linda Lucke is one of the organizers of the event and one of the exhibiting artists. She is “happy to be supporting such a wonderful and necessary cause” and understands the power of counseling and the difference it can make to a child struggling in school.

The annual Holiday Show and Sale will be held on Saturday, November 1 from 10 until 4:00 at the Madison Park Christian Church in Quincy. It will feature the work of 14 local artists presenting decorative, wearable, and functional artwork. A check for the scholarship will be presented to John Hirner at 2:00. Please stop by to show your support for local artists, for Cornerstone, and for our community’s children.

For more information, visit the Great River Artisans at


Sponsorship. It’s for the kids.

A recent news report tells the story of how school aged children are getting the help they need.  Here is a link to that story.

Did you know that a similar program is happening right here in Quincy?

Last week, eleven students took one more step towards school success.  Caseworkers and Counselors from Cornerstone met with these students and their families, helping them learn the skills they need to succeed and the support they need to keep going.  And you made it possible.

Those eleven students were just the kids we saw last week.  138 children have been helped so far this year.  But school officials say that there are 200 students waiting.  Why aren’t they getting help now? Because of we lack the funding to meet all their needs.

Children and families receiving support through the Comprehensive Youth Services (CYS) program at Cornerstone get help through sponsorships provided by you.  It cost $250 to serve a child and his/her family for one year.  And we can’t think of a better return on an investment: a child who is staying in school and succeeding in school.

If you are interested in helping children, contact Cornerstone today by calling 217-222-8254.

It’s for the kids.

On Empathy and Connecting

Social Researcher Brene Brown talks about empathy and how you can help others.

Are you looking for other ways to empathize and connect?  Consider a gift to Cornerstone.  Connect and provide people with the skills, support and hope they need to crawl out of that hole.  It’s a great gift to them, to your community, and to yourself.



What are we missing?

What are we missing from the people all around us? Here’s an interesting photography project that suggests we are missing a lot. And  it might just take a few minutes, a short conversation, a brief exchange to see people in a whole new light.

Every Day…

Cornerstone’s First Steps Program  helps young mothers become the best parents they can possibly be.  One of the ways parents of all ages can support the growth and development of their children is to talk with them.  Sounds easy, huh?  It is.  Here’s a few tips from our friends over on Sesame Street.


Feeling Stuck?

“There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there’s so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.” –Zayn Malik

This quote is attributed to one of the young members of the British Pop Band, One Direction. And from our point of view, Mr. Malik’s words ring true. It is really hard to make a change in your life. And often, it just seems too hard and too frightening. That’s how Cornerstone can help. We don’t tell you how to change or what to change. You decide that. We are there to help you see the possibilities on the next pages. We are there to help you take the necessary steps to make those possibilities come true. And we are there to celebrate when you discover “the rest of the book”. So are you “feeling stuck” and ready for a change? Cornerstone can help.

The Power of Generosity

The generosity we show today will impact many more tomorrow.    Here’s a lovely video from Thailand showing how it works.  By the way, the same thing goes for each of us, right here in our community.