Sponsorship. It’s for the kids.

A recent news report tells the story of how school aged children are getting the help they need.  Here is a link to that story.

Did you know that a similar program is happening right here in Quincy?

Last week, eleven students took one more step towards school success.  Caseworkers and Counselors from Cornerstone met with these students and their families, helping them learn the skills they need to succeed and the support they need to keep going.  And you made it possible.

Those eleven students were just the kids we saw last week.  138 children have been helped so far this year.  But school officials say that there are 200 students waiting.  Why aren’t they getting help now? Because of we lack the funding to meet all their needs.

Children and families receiving support through the Comprehensive Youth Services (CYS) program at Cornerstone get help through sponsorships provided by you.  It cost $250 to serve a child and his/her family for one year.  And we can’t think of a better return on an investment: a child who is staying in school and succeeding in school.

If you are interested in helping children, contact Cornerstone today by calling 217-222-8254.

It’s for the kids.