2013 Humanitarian Award Nominations

There are a lot of things that make this a great community.  At Cornerstone, we think one of biggest factors is the number of people that work hard everyday to make life better for others.  That’s why every year we select a business, an organization or an individual who has demonstrated this passion and commitment to helping others.  We look for people who do this work, not because it brings them a paycheck or recognition but because they believe that everyone deserves a chance at what this community has to offer.   And when we find those people, we present them with our Humanitarian Award which is presented at our annual fundraising event, Dancing with the Local Stars.

Who do you know that is working every day to help others?  Who would you like to see recognized for their humanitarian efforts?  Send us an email with their name and tell us about their work.  We will consider them as we select Cornerstone’s 2013 Humanitarian Award Recipient.


Terry Anderson, the 2012 Cornerstone Humanitarian Award Recipient

You can email us at info@cornerstone-quincy.org