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General Granger (air force) Beating Granger is not very compound to beat, since planes are comparatively poor and a chemical brother does not be built by him. GLA To overcome him using the GLA generals, proceed with building a barracks as well as a present hide, and arms seller. Don’t bother to invest your hard earned money since the laser level support that can eliminate all missiles is carried by way too many of his airplane. Into constructing Quad cannons, instead, target your money all, and disperse them out throughout your foundation. I realize that once his first attack, the large ranger decrease backed up by some planes, is not under, it’s super easy to put on against him. When you have 15 Quads constructed proceed with creating a Development plus some dark markets to improve your cash flow up. Once accomplished that, create a second hands dealer once progress has been gathered by a lot toward his base, while building more and create a steady stream of Quad cannons. Once you have Joined his platform, all available aircraft will try to attack your Quads, but if you have over 10 of them you will be able to slaughter them all.

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Inside his foundation, raze down anything. US It is marginally harder to conquer at Granger with USA, the airplanes since Humvees missiles which might be plugged by the airplanes. Your absolute best probability is always to hold out before you may create a several avengers and bunch them up, to protect each other from missiles shot by king raptors. Once you’ve set up an effective platform defence, construct a power comprising primarily avengers and a few additional devices. Entering the base is easy as pie and once inside, mayhem will be wreaked in minutes. Should you be laser basic, change the essays com avenger defence since they CAn’t be plugged by the defence. China Enjoying this map is especially straightforward. Till you’ve an adequate amount to protect from any episode basically develop cannons around your foundation.

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Build a pair overlords copied by tanks, once you’ve performed that and kill his platform with no issue. If you’re not infantry specific, create a horde of minigunners to defend your bottom and lots of attack outposts and troop robots would be the excellent option when you’re able to attack him. You may be also considering the next links, should you loved this guide: